Mama (Your Majesty) – EXO

— ” As human beings, we can only be hurt.

Mama by EXO (translations can be found hereis tied to our Short Story unit because it discusses the issue of humanity not learning to accept and love each other due to advancement in technology. This specifically ties to our themes of love and acceptance.

The line “There is no life, feelings and warmth over there, there is only trashy language” could mean that we have begun to hate on each other and that we have become senseless to other’s emotions, losing our “warmth” and closing off to others.

“Laugh, cry all together, holding hands meeting that feeling; each resemble and connect to each other” could mean that we have to learn to share our emotions with each other in order to bond with each other. Therefore we must accept and love each other, which is supported by, “I’m grateful to be allowed to live in this blessed days; every day creating new ties”

Sharing love is emphasized when the group sings, “sharing good love with everyone rather than shattered hearts” which, again, ties to our theme of love.

Not only is this song catchy, but brings out a positive message to its listeners. “Careless, careless. Shoot anonymous, anonymous. Heartless, mindless. No one who care about me?” (if you are careless enough to shoot another with words, you have become heartless and mindless, so who will care for you?).

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