VIXX – Eternity

— ” A cruel night is endlessly coming to me
I close my eyes again, taking me back to that dream 

Into an eternal dream that I won’t ever wake from

VIXX‘s song, “Eternity” has a rather deep meaning to it that at the same time is bluntly obvious (translations can be found here).

The music video begins as a typical romance short movie. However, the lyrics conflict the visual quite a bit. As the couple is seen being loving to each other, the lyrics are, “Look. Love is a nightmare.”  Further into the song, the lyrics seem to talk about the male’s fear of losing the girl and that he appreciates her being there with him. Near the end of the 2nd chorus, we see that the girl fades away and that she has “never been there in the first place”. One of the band members is seen dancing by himself as a girl watches him with a sad expression (however, he was previously seen dancing with the girl in the beginning of the song).

The song is, in summary, about a man’s hallucination of a love he desperately wanted. In my personal opinion, it is a sad song to an extent as we see the band members struggling to accept reality and refusing to “wake up from their sweet nightmare.”

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