Noragami Aragoto

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 Okay, this post isn’t as much as a music post, but I just really wanted to talk about Noragami Aragoto.

First off, the opening and ending of the second season of Noragami is amazing! I was hooked to both and could not bring myself to skip it. Ever since Noragami began airing from season one until now, they have never disappointed me in their music tracks. Not once! (excuse me for being a fangirl).

Second of all, the Bishamon arc of this season is simply captivating. From character development, music, and the animation. The moments of humor to the moments where you feel like crying where simply a beautiful feeling. Of course, I won’t spoil the anime for those who want to watch it. However, if you feel the release of each episode is too slow, go and read the manga! It’s very interesting.

Now, for my input of this anime. I think it is an amazing anime. At first, I saw a trailer/teaser for it on YouTube while I was watching another anime, being the otaku I am. Being curious, I found this anime and have been hooked ever since. I remember telling my friend about this anime and even he is hooked on it, too. I was shocked to hear he was watching the second season as well. I believe the character development is very interesting and the battle scenes are captivating. As all anime lovers know, there has to be some kind of ship within the anime. My ship, or favorite couple, in this anime is the very canonized couple of Yatori, Yato and Hiyori. These two are implied to be the main couple of the series and I believe they will become a couple soon. Before I manage to spoil, I will end this here.

This is my little ramble and outburst about Noragami and Noragami Aragoto. I hope you will get hooked to the series just as I had and enjoy it as much as I did. Have fun, my buttercups!

P.S: Currently, Noragami Aragoto has 6 episodes released.

だんだん早くなる – 40mP ft. 初音ミク

Artwork by 40mP and taken from here

Honestly, I put the title in Japanese because copying and pasting the title is much easier than typing it out.

I usually have a link to translations, but there’s no need for that today because the translations are included in the video.

Alright, now that’s out of the way. Time to talk about the song.

The English name for the song is “Getting Faster and Faster” I thought this would be a cute song to share and it actually has a pretty motivating message. It’s a quite obvious message as well, so not a lot of explaining is needed today. In a brief summary, the song is about life in general. The road can get bumpy or it can be a joy ride. Whatever it is we may experience, we get busier, sadder, happier, and ultimately we come to see life in its fullest. So listen to the song and see how it can lift up your mood/spirits and motivate you throughout the day. Have a great day!

P.S: Take it with a baguette and butter. Put some butter on the baguette and enjoy it as you listen to this song. Goodbye for now, my buttercups!

“On those days willed with joy, in the best of moods

And on those days where rough patches leave me feeling down

That going along at my own pace is just fine,

That’s what I’m thinking”