Sing For You – EXO

12353273_492883630918485_1073624341_nJust on a side note but I think my English teacher, Mr. Barro, may or may not have inspired the new EXO song “Sing For You” with his poem of “The Astronaut’s Whale“.

Okay, but on with the actual purpose of the post. This song literally made me bawl my eyes out with how it expressed the feeling of regret and sadness. It may seem like a confusing song when you watch it for the first time, but at the same time it’s blatantly obvious. All it really is is a story of how a guy regrets what he has done and realizes how much he lost. But of course, SM wanted us to bawl our eyes out first and then smile because in the end, it’s a happy reunion or acceptance of some sort. This song can either be taken as the guy’s message to a girl he couldn’t confess to or it can be to a friend whom he had gotten into an argument or some sort of altercation with and regrets it. I honestly prefer the latter as it can be related to almost everyone.

Please listen to this song and I hope you cry. Just kidding. But you may need a box of tissues.

” The way you cry, the way you smile
Do you know how much you mean to me?
Words I wanna say, words I lost
I’ll confess to you though it might sound awkward
Just listen, I’ll sing for you, sing for you
Just listen, I’ll sing for you “

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