Laying Down in the Center of Tokyo – 40mp


image originally drawn by pichyoko ( ぴちょこ )

Author Update: I am feeling much better than I did the past few weeks!! I hope that means I can write a longer post this time…

So, the song “Laying Down in the Center of Tokyo” (translations here) by 40mp  (have fun reading the Japanese, folks) can be very relatable to young adults who have the same fears, struggles, and anxieties.

The song primarily focuses on a young adult man, as seen on the right in the image, who struggles throughout his everyday life. The song repeatedly says, “A single tear fell” after every chorus. However, after meeting (or perhaps reuniting) with the girl seen on the left of the image, the phrase changes to “Two tears fell together”. This could symbolize the hope we get from others and how their help could in turn help us move along in life. Aside from that, the song also discusses the fear of being an outcast as the first verse talks about the man being pointed out (and ultimately, called out) by a kid, in which the kid’s mother quickly pulls him away. We all get that in real life, getting picked on, pointed at, avoided. The second verse (after the first chorus) also discusses being unable to tell one’s emotions, something we’ve all gone through at one point in life.

However, I find it interesting that the male decides to lay down in the center of a crowded intersection or as the song says, “an asphalt”. I could not decipher the deeper meaning of it, but I assume that it symbolizes the exhaustion we feel and us deciding to just lay down, facing the blue sky, while life is bustling by.

This song is very catchy (at least to me). I feel as if I can relate to this song, in terms of the stress and anxiety I can get from something, whether it be about school or social life. I can also connect to the “single tear fell” in the beginning which turns to the “two tears falling together” as I was alone in my struggle, but my family and friends came to my aid just when I was about to lose hope.

I suggest you listen to the song as it is motivational and simply beautiful! I personally like these two covers by ENE and Yoru. Go ahead and enjoy your day, munchkins!

” Having risen up beneath the sky atop the asphalt

I clung to it, the warmth I felt, from your outstretched hand

the crowd of people began to move in that harshly blue sky

A pair of tears, fell down together “

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