Reflection of the 2015-16 School Year

This past year, I felt, was an amazing school year. At the beginning of the year, I remember thinking, “Wow, you’re going to be a complete loner who can’t socialize.” Which was true for the first few weeks of school. I thought my only friends from middle school were going to leave me because they managed to find new friends, whether it be from their classes or their sports. Which I found to be true, but not true as well.

My friends from middle school remained to stay with me, though of course we all changed a bit. But they weren’t the only ones finding new friends. I only now just realized I have made tons of new friends as well (now I’m thinking, “Do they think of me as their friend?”). The friends I’ve made this year and the ones I’ve already known since middle school all made my life a trillion times better than I thought it would be (Okay, Valerie. You’re exaggerating). Of course, my family contributed to a major part of my life. There were times where I thought I was stuck in a dark corner, blind and lost. But both my family and friends helped me find my way to the door and helped me open it.

To simply put it, I think this past year was wondrous. Except, maybe I shouldn’t have slacked off on the academics part in the beginning (whoops). I’m glad to have met everyone that I met this year, whether it be friends, friends of friends, and even teachers. They all played a major part of my life this year. Thank you to all and I love you all!

(I was listening to EXO’s “Don’t Go” while typing this)


AVICII – Sunset Jesus

avicii-sunset-jesus-mp3-downloadAvicii’s Sunset Jesus is something I’ve been listening to recently. I’ve been listening to it during car rides, my routine jogs, while I do my homework, or when I’m just trying to relax. Something about it makes me feel so happy. Maybe it’s the guitar or the part where the song says, “Breathe for a minute, I’ll be okay”

This song has a rather blunt message, I would say. So, this wouldn’t really need an analysis.

This song really helps me run better. Haha, but seriously, it helps me feel better on a bad day. I would recommend you give this song a try as well if you’re feeling down. Sorry this post was short, but it’s all I have time for.

Bye bye!!