live – v. n

live to tell your story, your legacy

because no one else in this universe

would be able to tell your testimony

in the ways you are able to converse

v . n

I’m not sure why I wanted to post this after years of not running this blog, but late nights and good vibes inclined me to do so. I wanted to write something to motivate, something you could think on, but in the end this was all I could come up with. You could call this a late night drabble, I guess.

Stars Above (Poem) – Valerie Nguyen


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“Stars Above”

1  Dear child, you may have dreamed to touch the stars with those fragile fingertips of yours

2  Let me have you know if you close your eyes and imagine, you indeed can grab them all

3  You can dream of prancing from star to star, not paying attention to the world

4  But don’t get carried away in this dream, dear child, for you can fall


5    The stars are farther than they seem, grinning down at us with mocking faces

6    Sure, you may pout and throw a fit, cursing at the stars

7    Keep in mind, they are the reason that we strive to become better, walking in paces

8   Guaranteed, we will stumble and fall throughout our journey, becoming scarred


9   On this journey to the stars, we will wander into the city of gold

10  We will become the best, turning into the worst through everyday

11   Dear child, keep on searching for the city of gold until you’re old

12   We still have a million miles to go, but find that city and you’re already halfway


13   You’ll reach those stars, truly you will, and smile you will when you’ve sat upon a star above

14   Dear child,  the stars call you onto this journey and the moon awaits, so on you go to the stars above

– Valerie H. Nguyen

Okay, this is a silly poem I thought about while I was listening to AVICII’s “Trouble” and wrote it to my past self. I believed I had no where to go, but in this poem, I told myself to search for the city of gold and reach the stars. This would mean I would fall and get hurt, but I will always get back up, because who reaches the stars in one perfect shot?

This may or may not be inspired by my habit of watching the stars at night. I hope this poem actually made sense and had some meaning to you, if not, then oh well! I recommend you listen to the song that inspired this poem, by the way!