Starduster – OneRoom (JimmyThumb-P)


original art by emumelo

Starduster” (video includes translations) is a beautiful song that can be interpreted many different ways. However, if looked in a general view without going too deep into the song, it is merely the story of an individual’s “journey through the stars” as he wonders if the person whom he cherishes loves him back. It is a song I connected with the moment I heard it (not to mention the cute drawing of the cat).

In truth, this song may as well be considered a love song, but it also had a component of imagination as well, as the songwriter managed to write the song as a journey through space.

“Fearing that the most precious person won’t love me,

I took off on a solo flight to the stars ten thousand years away”

This first line is what I rambled about in my first paragraph above. Quite heart-wrenching, isn’t it? A fear that love can cause can make an individual hide away forever. However, it seems this individual can’t live without this “precious person” by their side. But they cannot reach them as they are in “space”. Which is why the singer repeatedly begs for “the love to be given”.

“Give the love at once,

Give the love to me,

Give the love, please,

Give the love…”

Okay, this seems a bit desperate. But think about it, being in space with no one else by your side must be pretty lonely. What can one do but beg and desire to be loved?

You must be wondering: “where is the ‘space’ part coming from?”

Well, several lines include bits and pieces indicating the author is implying space. For example:

  • “I definitely just had been drifting in space among these debris.”


  • “The light can’t shine from the stars, as if darkness engulfs it.”


  • “As I slowly open my eyes, a dark sea of sky stands before me”

Alright, enough talk. Give the song a listen!

To sum everything up, this song is related to imagination as the song is taken place in space, yet it has the message that love can create fear that is very heart-wrenching.

I hope you enjoy the song as much as I did and I hope you didn’t cry as hard as I did (just kidding I totally didn’t cry).

Bye bye for now, everyone!